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Our Pit Blinds

Canada Goose Hunts with HPW
"Your First Choice in the Future"

Wyoming may not be your first thought when thinking about guided waterfowl hunts, but the HPW waterfowl hunting experience will show you why it will be your first choice in the future.

Why HPW?

Here's why. HPW has access to nearly 15 first class heated pit blinds throughout Goshen County. Having said that you can guess that our plan is to not overhunt a pit. We hunt our blinds carefully and keep the areas from being overhunted and we always have birds working at least a couple of our blinds.

Secondly, our guides put out large spreads of decoys daily. We don't put the dekes out and leave them all season which will sour birds that stay over for extended periods of time. We pick up and put out daily. Spreads of 10-30 dozen decoys are the norm.

Our blinds are the most comfortable you can imagine. Large and roomy each shooter has a lid of his own. The lids are mesh so you can watch the action as the guide works the birds in to range. The lids glide easily out of the way giving you a large space to shoot at any angle.

We don't mix groups so you will hunt with the group you come with and no one else, unless special arrangements are made with your permission.

Most of our shooting is within 30 yards and all is within 45. We don't jump shoot or pass shoot.....we are about bringing birds in close over decoys!

Wyoming waterfowl hunts are few and far between, but HPW is your source for premier waterfowl hunting with excellent guides, pits, hunting and liberal limits.

You won't regret giving Wyoming a second thought as we're certain it will become your first choice for waterfowl hunting in the future.

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