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Snow Goose Hunts

Snow goose hunts in Eastern Wyoming can be a great spring diversion.

AGAIN IN 2012! Two new pit locations in the Nebraska Panhandle. Maximize your potential for a great snow goose hunt!

These geese are not the high flying migrators. They are staged birds that are coming off local reservoirs and going out to feed. They act much like Honkers in that respect.

We have acquired access all over the valley and have set ourselves up in some of the best hunting areas for snow geese. We have a couple spreads of 1500 decoys that we utilize and move to place in front of the flocks.

If the weather cooperates and the birds fly our direction it is not uncommon to kill over 40 birds in a day. The downside of snow goose hunting near Torrington...it’s either great or it’s not. While we don’t get the volume of birds the Rainwater Basin gets, the hunting can often be as good or even better.

We suggest multi-day hunts to maximize your opportunity to hit the big day. Email for details and video from last year.

Season: Third Saturday in February to First Sunday in April.


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