what our guests say about hpw

We at High Plains Wingshooters are dedicated to those who hunt with us. We are passionate about what we do while striving for excellence in providing the best hunting opportunities possible.

... some of the best pits around

I have hunted my entire life and especially love waterfowl hunting. I have hunted with many outfitters from Mexico to Canada and Aaron and his team at High Plains are as good as they get!

I have hunted with this Outfitter every year since 2009 and have had a great experience every time. They have lots of fields and locations to ensure you will have the best opportunities at birds from day to day.

High Plains also has some of the best pits around, they are clean, comfortable and in great shape!

I look forward to many more years hunting with Aaron and can’t wait for our next hunting adventure at High Plains! You’ll have a great time guaranteed!

Blake Keyes - Ogden, Uah

... coming back year after year!

I've been hunting with HPW for several years and the incredible goose action keeps me coming back year after year! Aaron is a world-class caller and guide who puts in the man-hours to get you on birds! Truly a first-class operation.

Dwight Korenek - Kingwood, Texas

... boy can they call the geese.

Our annual Torrington goose hunt with Aaron and his crew at High Plains Wingshooters is always a great way to finish up our hunting season. Aaron and his guides are always professional and friendly and boy can they call the geese in. Aaron's pit blinds are top notch and we always bring home full limits of geese. Hunting with Aaron is like hunting with family.

David Hinds - Kaysville, Utah

... get to hunt different locations every day.

My group of 4 has hunted with HPW for 3 consecutive years and will be returning for our fourth year. The hunting conditions, equipment, and bird numbers are as good as, or better than, any of the several Canadian venues I have visited in the past.

We have always had the opportunity to take limits of birds each day we hunted. While we came up short on a couple of days, it was our own misguided aim and not the fault of the outfitter. We are very satisfied with the fact that we get to hunt different locations every day. We’ve only once in three years had to shoot the same pit two days in a row and we limited both days.

Aaron/HPW is a class act and provides an excellent hunting experience regardless of your own experience and knowledge of the sport. You would be hard-pressed to find anything better and you certainly could do a lot worse. We booked 2 hunts our second season and Aaron called 3 weeks before the hunt and said he didn’t have the birds down and offered to transfer the deposit for that hunt to the second hunt that year. I’ve met darn few outfitters that have that level of fairness and customer service. We will continue to book the third week in January with Aaron for the foreseeable future.

Robert Hicks - Hooper, Utah

... best all-around hunting experience I have found.

If you are looking for a top-notch experience at a great price, look no further than High Plains Wing Shooters. I've hunted geese with several outfitters and I can assure you, HPW provides the best all-around hunting experience I've found.

What that means to you is, HPW spends countless hours watching birds, acquiring new properties to hunt, building pits, and simply putting everything into this passion - goose hunting. HPW has some of the best guides you'll ever find. HPW wants every one of their clients to have an awesome experience. Which is why HPW dedicates so much time and energy to ensure every hunter has the absolute best hunt possible.

And if the geese aren't in the area, HPW will be the first one to call you if it would be pretty sketchy if you come out the weekend you're booked. HPW will certainly give it everything if you are committed to a specific weekend but, he will gladly move you to a different weekend. HPW won't BS you about what you can expect!

Also, High Plains Wingshooters has the most incredible pits you'll ever hunt out of - bar none!!! Very roomy, with each hunter having a chair to sit in and plenty of room to move. Oh yeah, and if you find yourself there on a bitterly cold day (who would guess it could get cold in Wyoming, right - LOL!!) each pit has propane heaters to keep you toasty warm and comfortable.

And after a great day of hunting, you can return to the lodge and relax. The lodge will accommodate 10 adults comfortably, with a full kitchen, 5 bedrooms/10 beds, 2 full baths, a pool table, a card table, a living room with cable TV, and a separate building for cleaning your geese. Don't just take my word for it, give High Plains Wingshooters a try. I know I look forward to returning for many years to come.

Scott Butler, Utah

... a world-class site and hunting opportunity.

I just wanted to thank you again for your generous offer to let us hunt another day in the future. You have really done a great job at making this a world-class site and hunting opportunity. It really left a great impression on me to hear you call and work the birds. We got to see those birds that wouldn't look at us earlier, come down and give us a chance.

We know how hard it can be when the weather is so drastically unusual as it was, and understand your concerns for someone hunting from a wheelchair. Believe me, it did not go unnoticed!

I learned a lot by listening to your techniques and appreciate your advice on the T G calls.

Craig Dangerfield - Utah

... every time the overall experience has been awesome.

I don't know how you do it but every time I come to High Plains Wingshooters it just keeps getting better and better. Over the past three years I have been on four multi-day Canada goose hunts and one multi-day snow goose hunt and every time the overall experience has been awesome.

Your web site really touts the lodge and the pits, and it is true, they are the best, but the one thing that has impressed me the most with yourself and the other guides is your abilities to assess the situation when geese aren't finishing centered on the pit and making subtle changes to the decoys to put them right in front so everyone has a quality shot.

Also, the way your staff caters to youth hunters is remarkable, the only problem with the level of hunt you provide to the kids is they come away thinking it's always that "easy" and they get to shoot every single that comes near them.

Mike Neil - Utah

... I am sooo happy I took the opportunity to experience Honker hunting at this level.

Well first off let me tell you my hunting has not been spectacular this year so I set up a guided hunt with High Plains Wingshooters in Torrington Wyoming. I took my 11-year-old son and a bunch of buddies. 10 hunters in all 2-3 different pits each day. 4 birds/day was the limit. 80 birds total for the two days. It was awesome.

Watched my boy shoot his limit of Honkers on New Year's day. My 11-year-old son had a blast. You spoiled him rotten, letting him take the first shot and all.

I was thinking about your setup and something I thought you should point out is this. Layout blinds SUCK! BEWARE OF GUIDES THAT PROMISE RESULTS BUT STICK YOU IN A COLD LAYOUT BLIND!!!! I asked my buddies who hunted with me in '07 with (another outfitter). They were all frozen too. Layout blinds Suck!!!

Your heated pits were so comfortable in comparison. There is no doubt in my mind what kind of blind I want to hunt out of next time.

They weren't kidding when they told me there are approximately 30,000 Geese using their area right now (This is where they spend the winter). We noticed large flocks in every other field as we drove into town. As we went to dinner that evening there was no end in sight of Canada Geese V'd up going into their roosts. All I can say is I'm sooo happy I took the opportunity to experience Honker hunting at this level. I will definitely be booking again.

Mike Rowbury - Utah

... the experience I have had two years in a row will keep me coming back.

Just thought I'd write a quick note and say thanks for another great trip. I took my second trip to High Plains Wingshooters in December. As always the entire group, which I think this time was eleven had a great time. I have been on guided goose hunts before, but the experience I have now had two years in a row will keep me coming back. It's not all just about the number of geese you kill, (although that does help), but the experience as a whole.

Every aspect of this hunt seems to be about as good as you could hope for. The guides all seem to have their own claim to fame as far as being able to call, and also have plenty of knowledge on what to do to close the deal.

The pits are the nicest I've ever seen, with the heaters and nice chairs in all of them. You can't say enough about having dry feet and plenty of room in the pit to move around. Another great thing is the number of leases you have on property give you plenty of options where to go to get good action. You don't have to be stuck in a field that might not be as good as you hoped for.

The lodge is actually another one of my favorite things about the trip. It is roomy enough, even with eleven guys that you are not stacked on top of each other. The nice thing is, you can get back together with the entire group at night and talk about the day's hunt. The cleaning facility makes it so much easier to take care of your kill. This year I was able to take the first days kill and turn it into jerky right there at the lodge. Well, thanks again for another great trip, and guarantee we'll be back.

Gary Butler - Utah